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photo of Carol Adelman Carol Adelman

Carol Adelman has been a commercial peony grower for 22 years and is an American Peony Society Board member. She enjoys sharing her joy of peonies and their sentimental place in our lives.

* WGW.2017 - B.9 Growing Gorgeous Peonies (NEW)

photo of Missy Anderson Missy Anderson

Missy Anderson is a trainer for King County Master Gardeners and teaches throughout Puget Sound at garden clubs, nurseries, and sustainable groups. She will explain how easy it is to host native mason bees in your yard.

* WGW.2017 - B.3 What Is All the Buzz About?

photo of Linda Bartlett Linda Bartlett

Linda Bartlett is the co-owner of Rosehip Farm and Garden on Whidbey, a small diversified organic farm. She and her team of young farmers produce high quality vegetables for their CSA. Farmers Markets, on-site farm stand and sale to local restaurants. Rosehip produces and sells food 11 to 12 months of the year.

* WGW.2017 - A.13 Eating from Your Garden Year Round

photo of Jessi Bloom Jessi Bloom

Jessi Bloom is a best-selling author and award winning ecological designer. She started the Pacific NW company NW Bloom Ecological Landscapes which has been a leader and innovator in the industry for over 15 years.

* WGW.2017 - B.6 Perma What? Design Your Garden with Practical Permaculture

photo of Melissa Brown Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown and Benjamin Courteau operate Flying Bear Farm in Langley where they grow a diversity of flowers and shrubs to supply their full service floral studio.

* WGW.2017 - A.2 Establishing a Four Season Cutting Garden on Whidbey Island (NEW)

photo of Cori Carlton Cori Carlton

Cori Carlton, aka "Professor Slime", has a B.S. in biology from Central Michigan University. She has spent over 20 years studying slugs and teaching others through her "Slug University" curriculum.

* WGW.2017 - B.13 Slug University
* WGW.2017 - C.13 Slug University

photo of Everett Chu Everett Chu

Everett Chu is a Skagit County Master Gardener specializing in rain gardens, a certified professional horticulturist, a certified ecoPRO (sustainable landscape professional), and WSNLA member of the year (January 2016).

* WGW.2017 - A.6 Sustainable Garden Design: The Mediterranean Garden

photo of Benjamin Courteau Benjamin Courteau

Melissa Brown and Benjamin Courteau operate Flying Bear Farm in Langley where they grow a diversity of flowers and shrubs to supply their full service floral studio.

* WGW.2017 - A.2 Establishing a Four Season Cutting Garden on Whidbey Island (NEW)

photo of Maribeth Crandell Maribeth Crandell

Maribeth Crandell is an Environmental Health Specialist at Island County Public Health. She teaches Septic 101 for Home Owners and is an avid gardener. Maribeth has a degree in Environmental Education, a Teaching Certificate and a Masters in Human Development. She has worked as a community educator for over a decade.

* WGW.2017 - A.4 Landscaping Your Drain Field

photo of June Davis June Davis

June Davis, CPH, is a garden consultant with 25 years in the nursery industry. As Sales Manager for Skagit Gardens, she worked with breeders to introduce new plants to the market. She has a garden consulting business: The June Garden. She gardens on Whidbey with her husband Richard.

* WGW.2017 - A.5 Understanding Your Garden Style (NEW)
* WGW.2017 - B.5 Keeping Up in the Garden Pt.1: Small Trees and Shrubs
* WGW.2017 - C.5 Keeping Up in the Garden Pt.2: Perennials, Grasses, Ground Covers and Annuals

photo of Kelsi Franzen Kelsi Franzen

Kelsi Franzen is an experienced educator, naturalist, and fifth generation Whidbey Island native who holds a deeply embedded passion for this place. As Marketing, Education and Outreach Coordinator at Whidbey Island Conversation District, she collaboratively engages landowners in the conservation of natural resources.

* WGW.2017 - B.8 Using Edible Native Plants in the Garden Landscape (NEW)
* WGW.2017 - C.6 Using Edible Native Plants in the Garden Landscape (NEW)

photo of Beverly Gerdeman, PhD Beverly Gerdeman, PhD

Dr. Beverly Gerdeman received her Ph.D. in Entomology from The Ohio State University and is an Assistant Research Professor in entomology at the WSU Research and Extension Center in Mount Vernon. Her research includes pests of small fruit, seed crops and cut flowers. She has worked internationally with farmers to reduce pesticides and to promote sustainable production methods.

* WGW.2017 - C.3 Nature's Balance: Understanding and Attracting Beneficial Insects

photo of Toni Grove Toni Grove

Toni Grove is a Master Gardener alum with a BS in Herbal Sciences from Bastyr University. Toni is a professional weeder and former nursery manager at Lavender Wind Farm. She is also a writer and herbalist.

* WGW.2017 - A.15 Herbs in Your Garden, Caring for and Curing Herbs A-Z
* WGW.2017 - C.12 Wrong Plant Anyplace: A Strategic Approach to Weeds

photo of Rob Hallbauer Rob Hallbauer

Rob Hallbauer has been working in the natural resource field on Whidbey Island since 1993. His professional experience includes work with Island County Environmental Health and the Whidbey Island Conservation District as well as experience in the private sector designing stormwater and septic systems. He is currently owner of Deciduous Design Services, LLC, where he works with landowners in managing their land and water.

* WGW.2017 - B.12 Water Wise Strategies for Dry Times

photo of Brad Hankins Brad Hankins

Brad Hankins was born and raised in the Northwest. He has a deep appreciation for the forests and hydrology of the Pacific Northwest. His business, dbBrad, strives to create architecture that works with nature, managing run-off.

* WGW.2017 - C.4 Water Conservation Made Beautiful (NEW)

photo of Lucy Hardiman Lucy Hardiman

Lucy Hardiman is a nationally recognized garden designer, writer, educator and speaker as well as the owner and principal of the award-winning Perennial Partners, a collaborative garden design group in Portland, Oregon. A sought-after speaker coast to coast at venues in the U.S. and Canada, Lucy lectures about many aspects of gardening, ranging from designing with plants to low-water Mediterranean-style front gardens.

photo of Tricia Heimer Tricia Heimer

Tricia Heimer has been a Master Gardener since 2011, in North Carolina from 2011 to 2015 and in Island County since 2016.

* WGW.2017 - C.7 Growing Camellias in the Pacific NW (NEW)

photo of Martha Hollis Martha Hollis

Martha Hollis is a retired parks and landscape maintenance professional with over 40 years of experience in pruning and training folks to properly prune. She is an Island County Master Gardener and all around, certified know it all, happily volunteering at Meerkerk Gardens in Greenbank.

* WGW.2017 - A.3 Basic Pruning for Healthy Landscapes

photo of Gary Ingram Gary Ingram

Gary Ingram is a past Master Gardener (Kitsap County) and a certified arborist. Gary practiced organic principles for his 17 years in professional landscaping.

* WGW.2017 - A.12 Sustainable Principles in the Garden and Orchard (NEW)

photo of David G. James, PhD David G. James, PhD

David James, PhD developed a passion for butterflies at the age of 8 by rearing caterpillars in his bedroom. David is now an Associate Professor at Washington State University at Prosser and works on biological control of horticultural insect and mite pests. David has published 178 peer-reviewed scientific papers and in 2011 he co-authored and published a widely-acclaimed book on the life histories of Pacific Northwest butterflies which renowned British naturalist David Attenborough called 'Magisterial'.

* WGW.2017 - B.10 Butterfly Conservation

photo of Doug Kelly Doug Kelly

Doug Kelly moved to Island County in 1996 to become the county's first hydrogeologist. He is licensed in the State of Washington as a geologist and a hydrogeologist.

* WGW.2017 - C.1 Island County Groundwater-- Is There Enough to Water That Garden? (NEW)

photo of Gary Ketcheson Gary Ketcheson

Gary Ketcheson is a retired US Forest Service hydrologist with 32 years experience managing soil and water resources. He moved to Island County in 2011 and has been a Master Gardener for four years.

* WGW.2017 - C.2 Whidbey Island Soils: How to Maintain and Improve This Precious Resource (NEW)

photo of Jim Kropf Jim Kropf

Jim Kropf is the Natural Resources Program Director and the Director of County Administration for WSU Extension. He has been an Extension agronomist in eastern WA and horticulturalist in western WA during his 37 year career with WSU. Jim grew up on a small berry farm in Puyallup.

* WGW.2017 - A.16 It's the Berries and More

photo of Don Lee Don Lee

Don Lee is a retired aerospace engineering manager. He has been a Master Gardener for 28 years and is very actively involved with out local volunteer activities. He has been involved with Meerkerk Gardens for over 20 years and currently serves as President of the Board. He has significant interest in water resources and is Co-Chair of the Island County Water Resources Advisory Committee.

* WGW.2017 - B.1 Identifying and Using Native Plants in the Landscape

Randy Lee, PhD

Randy Lee has a Ph.D. in pomology with many years of experience in the WA fruit tree industry as a researcher, inspector, manager, etc. He is husband to beloved wife Lizzie, Dad and Grand-Dad.

* WGW.2017 - B.16 Renovating Old Fruit Trees (NEW)
* WGW.2017 - C.16 Dormant Season Fruit Care (NEW)

photo of Deb Mitchell Deb Mitchell

Deb Mitchell is a past president of Island County Master Gardeners, and has a BS in Horticulture. She has lived on Whidbey for 17 years.

* WGW.2017 - B.2 Introduction to Plant Propagation
* WGW.2017 - C.14 Fruit Trees

photo of Pam Mitchell Pam Mitchell

Pam Mitchell is the owner of Pam's Place Produce. She has been a grower on Whidbey Island for 17 years, selling organic food crops through the Bayview Farmers' Market.

* WGW.2017 - B.14 Build an Easily Managed Vegetable Garden

photo of Sam Mitchell Sam Mitchell

Sam Mitchell's horticultural career predates his 10 year tenure as a King County Master Gardener. He is also an active volunteer as a public tour guide in the Washington Park Arboretum.

* WGW.2017 - B.4 Water Features in the Landscape Design
* WGW.2017 - C.8 Conifers in Gardens: Giant, Dwarfs, and In-betweens

photo of Anza Muenchow Anza Muenchow

Anza Muenchow is a Master Gardener and former Master Gardener Coordinator for Island County. She has a passion for growing food and engaging children and adults in knowing how good food is produced. Currently Anza works as the SNAP Ed Coordinator for WSU Extension Island County where she develops classes and programs to teach and explore all things horticultural. She also has a small farm on south Whidbey and sells at local markets and her farm stand on Glendale Road.

* WGW.2017 - A.14 The Food Lover's Garden
* WGW.2017 - C.15 Gardening with Children (NEW)

photo of Marcia Nelson Marcia Nelson

Marcia Nelson is an avid, lifelong ornamental and vegetable plant gardener and Island County Master Gardener. She was the 2013 Master Gardener of the Year for Washington State.

* WGW.2017 - C.11 My Plant Needs Help! Diagnosis and Treatment for Common NW Problems

photo of Lee Roof Lee Roof

Lee Roof is a giant vegetable grower and competitor in many regional contests for over 20 years.

* WGW.2017 - A.17 How to Grow Garden Giants (NEW)

photo of Pat Roome Pat Roome

Pat Roome has been a landscape designer in the Seattle area for many years and has been a Master Gardener since 1975. She is a founding member of the Bellevue Botanical Society and was involved in the creation of the Master Gardener Bellevue Demonstration Garden.

* WGW.2017 - B.7 Renovating an Overgrown or Uninteresting Garden

photo of Kate Rowan Kate Rowan

Kate Rowan moved to Whidbey from California is 2009 and completed Island County Master Gardener training in 2012. Annually she grows fruits and vegetables; perennially she works on landscaping her 5 acres.

* WGW.2017 - A.1 Gardening on Whidbey is Different

photo of Christina Salwitz Christina Salwitz

Christina Salwitz is "THE Personal Garden Coach," horticulturist for over 20 years. She has designed small space and container gardens both featured in and on the cover of " Better Homes and Gardens" and numerous other media. Christina writes for the Fine Foliage blog and contributes design oriented articles as well as her popular horticultural photography to many other blogs, magazines and books. Her last book "Fine Foliage" co-authored with Karen Chapman made the Amazon Top 20 Best Garden Books of 2013 list and the duo's latest book "Gardening with Foliage First" will be released from Timber Press in early 2017.

* WGW.2017 - A.9 Pots of Bold: Designing with Containers for Drama (NEW)

photo of Sarah Schmidt Sarah Schmidt

Sarah Schmidt is a wildlife biologist active with Whidbey Audubon Society and Bats Northwest. For more on Sarah and bats, see Don Pedersen's article, "Living with Bats on Whidbey Island" at

* WGW.2017 - A.11 Bats: Why You Want Them, How to Keep Them

photo of Frank Simpson Frank Simpson

Frank Simpson is the Garden Manager at Meerkerk Gardens. He holds a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture with over 40 years of experience as a landscape professional and an instructor for the Landscape Architecture program at UCLA.

* WGW.2017 - A.7 The Finer Points of Garden Design (NEW)
* WGW.2017 - B.11 Heaths and Heathers for Year-round Color (NEW)

photo of Todd Spratt Todd Spratt

Todd Spratt, Vermtech Specialist of BugaBay Company, has been involved with vermicomposting, organic gardening and sustainability techniques for over 35 years. He has designed many commercial and residential Vermicomposting systems. He designed the BugaBay in-ground cedar worm bin that can convert a family's food waste with ease along with the educational DVD "Garbage to Gold". He and his wife owned and operated one of the largest worm farm/casting production companies in northern CA. The family moved to Whidbey in 2005 where they continue teaching and practicing sustainable farming techniques with the use of red worms. BugaBay Company has helped train County officials, Master Gardeners, nurseries, Correctional facilities, and the general public. Todd and his wife are excited that most of the Whidbey schools are now using the BugaBay system to convert their food waste.

* WGW.2017 - A.10 Vermicomposting "Worms Eat Our Garbage" (NEW)

photo of Eric Studebaker Eric Studebaker

Eric Studebaker has 30 plus years working in the nursery business. He is currently the buyer and manager for Venture Out Nursery on south Whidbey Island.

* WGW.2017 - A.8 Climbers, Climbers, and More Climbers (NEW)

photo of Dave Thomas Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas has over 60 years of gardening experience and has been "field boss" of The Lord's Garden for over 21 years. He is an Island County Master Gardener.

* WGW.2017 - B.15 Tricks of the Trade: Gardening Made Easier

photo of Thomas G. Vincent Thomas G. Vincent

Thomas Vincent is an Island County Master Gardener. He and his wife have an eighteen acre farm in Langley, WA with horses, chickens, ducks, and lots of compost piles.

* WGW.2017 - C.10 Successful Hot Composting: How to Create Usable Compost at Home in as Little as One Month (NEW)

photo of Diana Wisen Diana Wisen

Diana Wisen has been a WSU Master Gardener since 1991. Her focus in the MG program is training and outreach education. Her Mount Vernon home is a cottage garden style and she also manages the family farm on Shaw Island. She was recently named Washington State Master Gardener of the Year.

* WGW.2017 - C.9 Fragrance in Your Garden - A Focus on Scented Shrubs (NEW)

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