This website refers to the 2018 Workshop held last March.
Mark Your Calendar - Whidbey Gardening Workshop - March 2019
photo of Linda Bartlett Linda Bartlett

Linda Bartlett is the co-owner of Rosehip Farm and Garden on Whidbey Island, a small diversified organic farm. She and her team of young farmers produce high quality vegetables for their CSA, Famers Markets, on-site farm stand and sale to local restaurants. Rosehip produces and sells food 11 to 12 months of the year.

* WGW.2018 - A.16 Eating from Your Garden Year Round

photo of Karen Benson Karen Benson

Karen Benson, M.S. Biology, WSU Extension Master Gardener, and lifelong plant lover is a Nurse Practitioner who designs garden spaces and uses plants in her practice to promote wellness.

* WGW.2018 - B.14 Zero to 100! Deliberate Garden Design- Towards Wellness Through the Years

photo of Melissa Brown Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown and Benjamin Courteau operate Flying Bear Farm in Langley where they grow a diversity of flowers and shrubs to supply their full service floral studio.

* WGW.2018 - B.3 Establishing a 4 Season Cutting Garden on Whidbey Island

photo of Cori Carlton Cori Carlton

Cori Carlton, has a B.S. degree in Biology and Recreation/Park Administration from Central Michigan University. Since 2009 she has been the Master Recycler Composter and WSU Master Gardener Program Manager in Thurston County.

* WGW.2018 - B.13 Composting Using Worms
* WGW.2018 - C.12 Gardening Myths

photo of John Christianson John Christianson

John Christianson has owned Christianson's Nursery for 28 years. Located in La Conner, Christianson's Nursery is known for its extraordinary selection of plants. He is a past winner at the NW Flower and Garden Show for "Peoples Choice Award", and Skagit's Best Nursery.

* WGW.2018 - A.9 Late Winter Jewels - Hardy Plants That Shine in Winter

photo of Everett Chu Everett Chu

Everett Chu is a certified professional horticulturist and ecoPRO sustainable landscape professional. He is the owner and landscape designer/builder of Azusa Farm and Gardens in Mount Vernon. Everett is also a WSU Skagit County Master Gardener and a NW Flower and Garden Show garden creator.

* WGW.2018 - A.4 The Fragrant Garden
* WGW.2018 - C.7 Japanese Garden Design

photo of Sharon Collman Sharon Collman

Sharon Collman was one of the founding members of the WSU Master Gardener Program in 1973. She has taught classes on integrated pest management, plant problem diagnosis, insect ID and insect appreciation, and beneficial insects in the landscape throughout the PNW and in Canada and England. She has authored over 75 publications and received numerous awards for her educational programs.

* WGW.2018 - B.12 Building a Garden for Pollinators

photo of Benjamin Courteau Benjamin Courteau

Melissa Brown and Benjamin Courteau operate Flying Bear Farm in Langley where they grow a diversity of flowers and shrubs to supply their full service floral studio.

* WGW.2018 - B.3 Establishing a 4 Season Cutting Garden on Whidbey Island

photo of Bill Cromley Bill Cromley

Bill Cromley is a grower of peonies for over 25 years and a Master Gardener. He is a self taught plantsman willing to help others find enjoyment in growing these very special plants.

* WGW.2018 - A.12 Why and How to Grow and Propagate Peonies

photo of Harriet Custer Harriet Custer

Harriett Howell Custer and Valerie Rose, between them, have over 100 years of gardening experience, most of it in small spaces. They are Skagit County Master Gardeners involved in many initiatives, including Latino Outreach.

* WGW.2018 - B.18 Great Gardens Without Acreage: Growing Vegetables in Small Spaces

photo of June Davis June Davis

June Davis, CPH, is a garden consultant with 25 years in the nursery industry. As Sales Manager for Skagit Gardens, she has worked with breeders to introduce new plants to the market. She has a garden consulting business, The June Garden. She gardens on Whidbey with her husband Richard.

* WGW.2018 - A.6 Keeping Up in the Garden I: Small Trees and Shrubs
* WGW.2018 - B.6 Keeping Up in the Garden II: Perennials, Grasses, Ground Covers and Annuals
* WGW.2018 - C.6 Understanding Your Garden Style

photo of Mary Fisher Mary Fisher

Mary R. Fisher is a the owner of Cultus Bay Nursery and garden designer for the past 32 years. She has taken Horticulture schooling with Dan Hinkley at Edmonds Community College (1986-1988), and has a BFA degree from California College of Arts and Crafts.

* WGW.2018 - A.8 Bring Design Into Your Garden

photo of Rob Hallbauer Rob Hallbauer

Rob Hallbauer has been working in the natural resources field on Whidbey Island since 1993. His professional experience includes work with Island County Environmental Health and the Whidbey island Conservation District, as well as experience in the private sector, designing storm water and septic systems. He is currently owner of Deciduous Design Services, LLC, where he works with landowners in managing their land and water.

* WGW.2018 - C.14 Water Wise Strategies for Dry Times

photo of Gary Ingram Gary Ingram

Gary Ingram is a past Master Gardener in Kitsap County and a certified arborist. He practiced organic principles for his 17 years in professional landscaping.

* WGW.2018 - A.14 Sustainable Principles in the Garden and Orchard

photo of Kevin Jones Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones has over 30 years of experience with owning his own business, Jordan Nursery in Stanwood. He has a vast knowledge in horticulture and specializes in fuchsias and pelargoniums.

* WGW.2018 - C.11 Fuchsias and Pelargoniums

photo of Doug Kelly Doug Kelly

Doug Kelly moved to Island County in 1996 to become the county's first hydrogeologist. He is licensed in the State of Washington as a Geologist and a Hydrogeologist.

* WGW.2018 - A.3 Island County Groundwater, Is There Enough Water for Your Garden

photo of Gary Ketcheson Gary Ketcheson

Gary Ketcheson is a retired US Forest Service Hydrologist with 32 years experience managing soil and water resources. He moved to Island County in 2011 and has been a Master Gardener for 5 years.

* WGW.2018 - C.13 Whidbey Island Soils: How to Maintain and Improve This Precious Resource

photo of Don Lee Don Lee

Don Lee is a retired aerospace engineering manager. He is very actively involved with our local volunteer activities. He has been a Master Gardener for 28 years. He been involved with Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens for over 20 years, currently serving as President of the Board. He has significant interest in water resources and is Co-Chair of the Island County Water Resources Advisory Committee.

* WGW.2018 - C.3 Identifying and Using Native Plants in the Landscape

photo of Vanca Lumsden Vanca Lumsden

Vanca Lumsden has been a gardener for most of her life. At one time she was the owner and operator of a wholesale aquatic nursery, a partner in a retail nursery specializing in the unusual in Medford, OR. Now she makes rustic furniture and flags and does some garden consulting. She, along with partner Judith Jones, have been awarded the "Founders Cup" twice for their display gardens at the NW Flower and Garden Show.

* WGW.2018 - A.10 Ornamental Grasses for Year Round Interest
* WGW.2018 - B.10 Gardening From the Ground Up

photo of Deb Mitchell Deb Mitchell

Deb Mitchell has been a Master Gardener since 2007. She also has a BS in Horticulture from the Midwest :.XX.: meaning very little of it was applicable to the Pacific NW. Since the pursuit of plant knowledge is a basic skill set of a Master Gardener, she has gleefully pursued knowledge and experience in this more than friendly environment.

* WGW.2018 - A.15 Introduction to Plant Propagation
* WGW.2018 - B.16 Intro to Basic Fruit Trees

photo of Pam Mitchell Pam Mitchell

Pam Mitchell has used her growing system for 18 years to create healthy soil and increase crop yields using raised beds that can be resized to a small family's needs. She has also used these techniques, resulting in less space usage and bigger and longer harvests from her cherry, salad and plum tomatoes.

* WGW.2018 - B.17 Build an Easily Managed Vegetable Garden
* WGW.2018 - C.16 Growing and Pruning Tomato Plants for a Better Harvest

photo of Anza Muenchow Anza Muenchow

Anza Muenchow has a passion for growing food and engaging children and adults in knowing how good food is produced. Currently Anza works as the SNAP-ED Coordinator for WSU Extension Island County, where she develops classes and programs to teach and explore all things horticultural. She also has a small farm on south Whidbey and sells at local markets and her farm stand on Glendale Road.

* WGW.2018 - A.17 Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening: Soils and Season Extension
* WGW.2018 - C.17 The Food Lover's Garden

photo of Marcia Nelson Marcia Nelson

Marcia Nelson is an avid, lifelong ornamental and vegetable plant gardener who was the 2013 Master Gardener of the Year for Washington State.

* WGW.2018 - B.15 My Plant Needs Help! Diagnosis and Treatment of Common NW Problems

photo of Tobey Nelson Tobey Nelson

Tobey Nelson is an official plant-a-holic. She has a BS in Landscape Horticulture from Michigan State University and over 20+ years designing, installing and maintaining gardens. She is the owner of Tobey Nelson Events and Design (formerly Vases Wild), a business with a wide scope of services that include garden design and coaching; floral design for special occasions and weddings; and wedding planning and day-of coordinating. Her mission includes environmentally responsible approaches such as drought-tolerant plantings, supporting local farmers, and sustainable floral design methodology (never any toxic floral foam).

* WGW.2018 - A.11 Pots with Pizazz - How to Plant Containers for Year-round Interest
* WGW.2018 - C.9 Floral Jewelry

photo of Dave Pehling Dave Pehling

Dave Pehling is a WSU Extension assistant, zoologist, and primary diagnostician at the WSU Snohomish County office.

* WGW.2018 - A.13 Pest Management (Vertebrates) - Recognizing, Understanding and Living with Them in Your Garden

photo of Christina Pfeiffer Christina Pfeiffer

Christina Pfeiffer is a horticulture consultant and educator with over 35 years experience in landscape horticulture. She is an ISA Certified Arborist and co-author of Pacific Northwest Month-by-Month Gardening, Cool Springs Press.

* WGW.2018 - B.1 Pruning Basics
* WGW.2018 - C.1 Advanced Pruning Techniques

photo of Susie Reynolds Susie Reynolds

Susie Reynolds is the Nursery Manager for Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens and has been working there for 21 years. Meerkerk provides classes on rhododendron care and propagation and sells plants to meet your gardening conditions.

* WGW.2018 - B.9 Care of Rhododendron

photo of Pat Roome Pat Roome

Pat Roome has been a landscape designer in the Seattle area for many years. She now consults and designs home landscapes.

* WGW.2018 - B.7 Renovating the Overgrown or Uninteresting Yard

photo of Valerie Rose Valerie Rose

Harriett Howell Custer and Valerie Rose, between them, have over 100 years of gardening experience, most of it in small spaces. They are Skagit County Master Gardeners involved in many initiatives, including Latino Outreach.

* WGW.2018 - B.18 Great Gardens Without Acreage: Growing Vegetables in Small Spaces

photo of Kate Rowan Kate Rowan

Kate Rowan's family moved to Whidbey in 2009 with their energetic and beloved Brittany Spaniel, Suzie. A hunting bird dog by breed, Suzie has adapted to Kate's gardening penchant by becoming an expert vole and field mouse digger. Alas, this has not been healthy for young roots in Kate's garden so she has been collecting advice from numerous sources, and wants to share what she has learned.

* WGW.2018 - A.2 Pet Friendly Gardening

photo of Olivia Shangrow Olivia Shangrow

Olivia Shangrow is the lead biologist for Rent Mason Bees. Her research focuses on optimizing resources for wild bees and raising awareness about the necessity for conservation of native insects.

* WGW.2018 - C.4 Supporting Pollinators in Your Backyard

photo of Frank Simpson Frank Simpson

Frank Simpson earned his undergraduate degrees in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, and has a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture. He has taught college level Landscape Architecture at both California State Polytechnic University and the University of California Los Angeles, where water conservation is central to the curriculum. Frank currently lives on Whidbey and is Executive Director and Garden Manager of Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens in Greenbank WA, where his work continues to be centered on landscape design and management and the promotion of regionally sustainable landscapes.

* WGW.2018 - A.7 The Finer Points of Garden Design
* WGW.2018 - C.10 Beautiful Plant Choices for Dry Summer Landscapes

photo of Eric Studebaker Eric Studebaker

Eric Studebaker is the rose buyer and Nursery Manager at Venture Out Nursery. He is a lazy gardener who refuses to spray his roses.

* WGW.2018 - B.11 Great Northwest Roses

photo of Dave Thomas Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas has over 60 years of gardening experience and has been "field boss" of The Lord's Garden for over 21 years. He is an Island County Master Gardener.

* WGW.2018 - A.18 Tricks of the Trade: Vegetable Gardening Made Easy

photo of Annie Thompson Annie Thompson

Annie Thomson is a horticulture teacher who moved to Whidbey 21 years ago to find she could not grow anything. Now after trial and lots of errors, her garden is usually productive, Bambi permitting.

* WGW.2018 - C.2 Gardening on Whidbey is Different

photo of Jeff Thompson Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is a retired physician, studied horticulture, and became a Master Gardener. He owns an irrigation company specializing in the design of drip irrigation. He teaches Low Volume Irrigation at Edmonds Community College and Snohomish County Extension.

* WGW.2018 - B.2 Introduction to Drip Irrigation, How to Do It, What You Need, What You Don't Need

photo of Carey Thornton Carey Thornton

Carey Thornton teaches classes and workshops as part of Tilth Alliance's Community Education Team on topics including organic gardening, composting, food preservation and permaculture.

* WGW.2018 - A.5 Permaculture Techniques for the Backyard Garden
* WGW.2018 - B.5 Secrets of Companion Planting
* WGW.2018 - C.5 Outsmart Pests: Organic Pest Management

photo of Dan Vorhis Dan Vorhis

Dan Vorhis has a B.S. in Agriculture (major in Fruit Horticulture) from the Ohio State University, and has worked in this field for over 40 years. He and his wife currently grow a variety of fruit on their small farm in Freeland.

* WGW.2018 - C.15 Quality Fruit Every Year

photo of Diana Wisen Diana Wisen

Diana Wisen has lived in the Puget Sound area all of her life. She became a WSU Master Gardener in 1991 and has been a MG trainer, Speakers Bureau chairman and educational outreach instructor much of that time.

* WGW.2018 - A.1 Twenty-Five Tips to Make You a Better Gardener
* WGW.2018 - B.4 The Sinister Garden: Deadly Charms In Your Landscape

photo of Matt Zupich Matt Zupich

Matt Zupich is a Natural Resource Planner with the Whidbey Island Conservation District. His primary focus is assisting landowners to plan and implement practices that protect and enhance water resources.

* WGW.2018 - B.8 Sustainable Design: Using Beauty To Protect Water Resources
* WGW.2018 - C.8 Sustainable Design: Using Beauty To Protect Water Resources

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