photo of Tara Austen Weaver Tara Austen Weaver

Tara Austen Weaver's books include "Growing Berries and Fruit Trees in the Pacific Northwest", and "Orchard House: How a Neglected Garden Taught One Family to Grow."

* WGW.2019 - A.14 Beyond Jam: New and Creative Ways for Preserving Fruit

photo of Bob Bryan Bob Bryan

Bob Bryan followed two career paths in succession, first in neurochemistry at the University of California San Diego, and second in biotechnology, developing clinical microbiology tests, cancer drugs, and vaccines at five west coast startup companies. He has been a Skagit County Master Gardener since 2009.

* WGW.2019 - B.4 Drip Irrigation - Design, Installation and Maintenance

photo of Karen Chapman Karen Chapman

As a landscape designer, Craftsy instructor, international design consultant, experienced television and radio guest, author and popular speaker at international Flower and Garden Shows, nurseries and garden clubs, Karen Chapman's aim is always to inspire, educate and share the fun of gardening with her audience.

* WGW.2019 - B.5 Foliage and Focal Points: Ideas for Gardens and Budgets of All Sizes
* WGW.2019 - A.3 Creating Captivating Gardens

photo of Everett Chu Everett Chu

Everett Chu is a certified professional horticulturist and ecoPRO sustainable landscape professional and owner and landscape designer/builder of Azusa Farm and Gardens in Mount Vernon. He is a WSU/Skagit County master gardener and a Northwest Flower and Garden Show garden creator.

* WGW.2019 - B.6 The Fragrant Garden

photo of Marti Civarra Marti Civarra

Marti Civarra is a landscape designer, garden mentor and the owner of Leaf Lessons, offering professional landscape design, planning, hardscape and plant selection services. As a garden mentor, Marti offers site assistance with garden design and plant evaluations. She is a popular speaker at Sunnyside Nursery as a part of their yearly seminar series, and a featured speaker at Everett Arboretum and Garden.

* WGW.2019 - C.5 Small Space Gardening--Where There is a Will There is a Way

photo of Craig Cogger Craig Cogger

Craig Cogger was an Extension Soil Scientist at WSU from 1984-2015 and taught Master Gardener soils classes for 30+ years. His research focused on agricultural use of organic soil amendments.

* WGW.2019 - B.14 Choosing and Managing Soil in Raised Bed Gardens

photo of Eric Conn Eric Conn

Eric Conn is a farmer, consultant and designer. He has been the co-owner/operator of Full Cycle Farm in Clinton for 10 years, growing a wide range of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers.

* WGW.2019 - B.12 Practical Permaculture - Home Garden Applications
* WGW.2019 - C.14 Winter Gardening - Fresh Vegetables in the Depths of Winter

photo of Marcia Dillon Marcia Dillon

Marcia Dillon has been a Master Gardener since 2012. She manages the tomatoes at the Bellevue Demonstration Garden where they trial the latest varieties in a quest to find the perfect tomato.

* WGW.2019 - B.15 Growing Tomatoes in the Pacific NW: Tips, Tricks, and Trials

photo of Scott Freeman Scott Freeman

Scott Freeman teaches biology courses at the University of Washington where he received a Distinguished Teaching Award. He worked in environmental education and international conservation before completing a PhD in evolutionary biology at the University of Washington and conducting post-doctoral work at Princeton University as a Sloan Fellow. His book, "Saving Tarboo Creek", tells an inspiring story of community conservation and renewal.

* WGW.2019 - A.10 Healing and Tending Wetlands: The Value of Restoring a Natural Landscape

photo of Marilyn Glenn Marilyn Glenn

Marilyn Glenn is a WSU trained Master Gardener and is currently on the Board for the Whatcom County Master Gardener Foundation. She worked as a research chemist and environmental compliance specialist for The Boeing Company. Marilyn and her husband have a four-season ornamental garden on Alabama Hill in Bellingham, Washington. Their garden was featured by the Whatcom Horticultural Society in 2017.

* WGW.2019 - A.8 How to Select, Grow and Prune Clematis, the Queen of the Vines

photo of Marsha Goller Marsha Goller

Marsha Goller directed her love of playing in the dirt and weeding to becoming a Skagit County Master Gardener in 2012. She currently coordinates the Four Seasons Garden at the Master Garden Discovery Garden.

* WGW.2019 - B.1 Color in the Winter Garden

photo of Ian Horton Ian Horton

Ian Horton is a licensed landscape architect based in Skagit County. He was raised in Seattle and studied at the University of Washington and the University of Virginia.

* WGW.2019 - C.1 Mulch and Mulching: Background, Benefits, and Best Practices

photo of Ellon Jarvis Ellon Jarvis

Ellon Jarvis has been a King County MG since 1993, scheduling workshops for the BDG. She worked for the airlines for 50 years and retired in 2017. She attended the School of Forestry at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. She has been married for over 40 years and lives on a small lake in SE King County. Her home which sits on a fairly steep slope and borders a lake is surrounded by large conifers and big leaf maples offering many different types of shade.

* WGW.2019 - C.4 Gardening in the Shade

photo of Raelani Kesler Raelani Kesler

Comprising the production and instruction team of the Organic Farm School, Raelani Kesler is the Production Manager and Field Instructor, and Aaron Varadi is the Program Manager and Lead Instructor.

* WGW.2019 - C.10 From Seed to Seedling to Seedbed

photo of Jim Kropf Jim Kropf

Jim Kropf is the Natural Resources Program Director and the Director of County Administration for WSU Extension. He has been an Extension agronomist in eastern WA and horticulturalist in western WA during his 39 year career with WSU. Jim grew up on a small berry farm in Puyallup.

* WGW.2019 - A.15 It's the Berries and More

photo of George Lasch George Lasch

Connecting people and plants drives George Lasch to find and critique plants and gardens with his humor and opinion. Teaching at Edmonds CC and helping clients achieve their best gardens keeps him busy.

* WGW.2019 - A.6 Ornamental Grasses and Bamboo
* WGW.2019 - B.9 Hydrangeas Demystified

photo of Eric Lee-Mader Eric Lee-Mader

Eric Lee-Mader co-directs the Pollinator Conservation program at the Xerces Society ( In this role, he collaborates with government agencies, international development organizations, food companies and farmers to protect wildlife habitat on farms. His work has been featured in major media, White House reports, and his books include "Attracting Native Pollinators", and "Farming with Beneficial Insects". Eric is a Whidbey farmer and owner of Northwest Meadowscapes Native Seed Co. (

* WGW.2019 - A.9 Sowing Biodiversity: Gardening and Land Management for Native Pollinators

photo of Seth Luginbill Seth Luginbill

Seth Luginbill currently serves as the Noxious Weed Program Coordinator for the Island County Noxious Weed Control Board. Seth comes with a background in botany and natural resource management. He has spent most of his professional career working in restoration of native glacial outwash prairie and garry oak ecosystems both here in Washington, as well as in British Columbia.

* WGW.2019 - A.2 Wrestling with Weeds: Weed ID and Integrated Vegetation Management

photo of Lisa Miller Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller is deeply passionate about caring for our individual communities as a means to care for the whole Earth and trusts that each person can make a difference wherever they are. She has studied environmental sciences and natural resources for many years; she received a Masters' in Environmental Horticulture from the University of Washington in 2014. After that she worked for the last 4 years in land conservation, restoration and volunteer coordination to get more people, especially youth, outside in Skagit County. She recently has started her own business, primarily working with homeowners to create, enhance or restore more ecologically vibrant outdoor spaces.

photo of Samuel Mitchell Samuel Mitchell

Samuel Mitchell's entree to water gardens began when he moved to a house with a pond. Soon enough the aquatic plant palette grew limited and he branched out to terrestrial horticulture.

* WGW.2019 - A.5 Water Features in Landscape Design

photo of Jumanji Moritz Jumanji Moritz

Jumanji Moritz has been a professional garden designer for over 10 years, focusing primarily on native plants of the Pacific Northwest. She is the owner of Rainy Day Flora, a natives nursery located outside of Langley, WA and together with two colleagues has participated in the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, winning Gold in 2015 and best use of show theme in 2016 with their stunning installations.

* WGW.2019 - B.10 Delight in Every Season: How to Use Alpine Plants in Your Garden

photo of Kelsi Mottet Kelsi Mottet

Kelsi Mottet is a fifth generation Whidbey Island native, who holds a deeply embedded passion for this place. As the Marketing, Education, and Outreach Coordinator for the Whidbey Island Conservation District, Kelsi enjoys cultivating community, sharing resources and ideas and inspiring and empowering landowners toward voluntary conservation of their natural resources.

* WGW.2019 - A.11 Firewise Whidbey Style: Living with Wildfire in Our Unique Bioregion

photo of Anza Muenchow Anza Muenchow

Anza Muenchow has been enjoying growing food at her farm in Clinton for the past 15 years. But beyond her 2 acre Maha Farm, she is also passionate about improving fresh food access for her community and especially for low income families. Anza volunteers for Master Gardeners, SW Tilth and the Whidbey Island Conservation District.

* WGW.2019 - A.13 Planning a Low Maintenance Kitchen Garden
* WGW.2019 - C.13 Food Lover's Garden

photo of Tobey Nelson Tobey Nelson

Tobey Nelson is an official plant-a-holic. She has a BS in Landscape Horticulture from Michigan State University. She is the owner of Tobey Nelson Events and Design LLC.

* WGW.2019 - A.7 Slow Flowers Centerpieces - Floral Designs From the Garden
* WGW.2019 - B.8 Pots with Pizazz

photo of Zsofia Pasztor Zsofia Pasztor

Zsofia Pasztor is the founder and one of the co-executive directors of the non-profit organization, Farmer Frog. She teaches restoration horticulture, urban agriculture, aquaponics and low impact development. She trains professionals about sustainable site management, small scale integrated agriculture, community development and natural resource conservation.

* WGW.2019 - B.2 Rain Gardens for the Pacific Northwest
* WGW.2019 - C.2 Gardening on a Bluff Site

photo of Robert Pelant Robert Pelant

Dr. Robert K. Pelant is the founding director of the Pacific Rim Institute. He spent 30 years in sustainable food production and habitat restoration in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

* WGW.2019 - B.11 Converting Your Lawn to a Prairie to Benefit Suburban Wildlife
* WGW.2019 - C.7 Creating Your Own Ecological Garden

photo of Christina Pfeiffer Christina Pfeiffer

Christina Pfeiffer is a horticulture consultant and educator with over 35 years of experience in landscape horticulture. She is an ISA Certified Arborist and co-author of Pacific Northwest Month-by-Month Gardening, Cool Springs Press.

* WGW.2019 - B.3 Pruning Basics
* WGW.2019 - C.3 Advanced Pruning Techniques

photo of Cheryl Prescott Cheryl Prescott

Cheryl Prescott has loved roses for over 50 years. She has been a Master Gardener for 17 years and is a Consulting Rosarian and Rose Show Judge.

* WGW.2019 - C.8 Beautiful Roses for Every Garden

photo of Susie Reynolds Susie Reynolds

Susie Reynolds is a noted expert on Rhododendrons and was the Nursery Manager for Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens for over 20 years.

* WGW.2019 - C.16 Rhodies! Selection, Renovation and Care

photo of Pat Roome Pat Roome

Pat Roome is a longtime Master Gardener and landscape designer. She specializes in consulting with homeowners and makes suggestions for changes and how they can be accomplished.

* WGW.2019 - B.7 Garden Renovation - What to Keep, What to Add

photo of Val Schroeder Val Schroeder

Val Schroeder, Habitat Steward Host, is coordinator of the Camano Wildlife Habitat Project, the 10th Community Habitat in the nation certified by the National Wildlife Federation. Camano has more than 925 certified wildlife habitats. Val holds monthly education programs on environment issues, maintains three public demonstration gardens, and participates in critical areas preservation and restoration efforts on the Island. Val received the National Wildlife Federation Volunteer to the Year Award in 2006 and is the author of "Exploring Camano Island: A History and Guide."

* WGW.2019 - C.12 Turning Your Property into a Wildlife Lover's Paradise

photo of Frank Simpson Frank Simpson

Frank Simpson earned his undergraduate degrees in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Architecture and a Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture. He has taught college level Landscape Architecture at both California State Polytechnic University and the University of California Los Angeles where water conservation is central to the curriculum. Frank currently lives on Whidbey Island and is Executive Director and Garden Manager of Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens in Greenbank WA where his work continues to be centered on landscape design and management and the promotion of regionally sustainable landscapes.

* WGW.2019 - A.4 Landscape Design - Where Do I Begin?

photo of Eric Studebaker Eric Studebaker

Eric Studebaker is an area garden and landscape consultant who has been in the nursery trade for over 30 years and is a veteran well-versed on an island challenged by drought, wind and deer. He was the trees and shrubs buyer at Whidbey Island's Bayview Farm and Garden for over a decade, and in recent years was manager and buyer at Venture Out Nursery. He is a respected expert who has presented Whidbey Gardening Workshop talks on Great Northwest Roses, Japanese Maples and Small Shrubs and Trees, and is a speaker at various area gardener events.

* WGW.2019 - C.6 Small Trees for Modern Landscapes

photo of Nathaniel Talbot Nathaniel Talbot

Nathaniel Talbot and his wife, Annie Jesperson, run Deep Harvest Farm, in Freeland, WA, a 10-acre certified organic vegetable, seed and flower operation. Their small seed company, Deep Harvest Seeds, sells over 100 varieties of organic open-pollinated vegetable and flower seeds through their regional seed racks and online store.

* WGW.2019 - A.12 The Lost Art of Seed Saving

photo of Dave Thomas Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas has over 60 years of gardening experience and has taught popular classes on successful vegetable growing, fruit tree care and more. He has been the "field boss" of the Lord's Garden for over 21 years, providing fresh vegetables and fruits for those in need in Oak Harbor and Coupeville. He is an Island County Master Gardener.

* WGW.2019 - B.16 Basic Fruit Tree Care and Maintenance

photo of Carey Thornton Carey Thornton

Carey Thornton teaches classes and workshops as part of Tilth Alliance's Community Education team on topics including organic gardening, composting, food preservation and permaculture.

* WGW.2019 - A.16 Secrets of Vegetable Companion Planting
* WGW.2019 - B.13 Foraging for Edibles, Medicinals, Herbals and Teas
* WGW.2019 - C.11 Perennial Food Crops: Berries, Herbs and Vegetables

photo of Dan Vorhis Dan Vorhis

Dan Vorhis has an agriculture background, a B.S. from the Ohio State University, and 45 years in edible horticulture. He and his wife Bernadine own Muscle and Arm Farm, a small fruit farm on Whidbey Island.

* WGW.2019 - C.15 Quality Fruit Every Year

photo of Laura Watson Laura Watson

Laura Watson, a King County Master Gardener and Plant Amnesty Master Pruner, enjoys sharing her ever increasing knowledge of vines. She has published several articles about them and writes a blog,

* WGW.2019 - C.9 Embrace Vertical Gardening! Embellish Your Garden with Vines

photo of Diana Wisen Diana Wisen

Diana Wisen has lived in the Puget Sound area all her life. She became a WSU Master Gardener in 1991 and has been a Master Gardener trainer, Speakers Bureau Chairman and educational outreach instructor much of that time.

* WGW.2019 - A.1 25 Tips to Make You a Better Gardener

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